With constantly increasing market demands, growing e-commerce, short response times, wider assortments, omnichannel requirements etc., it is crucial to have flexible robust processes, systems and logistic equipment which can cope with the ever changing demands.

At Logio Consulting we do our best to be updated with the latest technological knowledge, find the appropriate level of automation and strive to implement flexible and scalable logistics solutions.

We assist with


  • Renewing of facilities and logistics systems
  • Investments, operational expenses and business cases
  • Detailed design and specifications of logistics systems
  • Test management and execution
  • Detailed specification of warehouse management system, technical solutions, processes etc.
  • Development of concepts, including buildings, automation, processes and IT
  • Calls for tender and contracting
  • Project management, consultancy and change management
  • Implementation, inspection and contract management
  • Implementation of warehouse management system and warehouse control systems