Mark Bojsen-Møller partner in Logio, is part of the Supply Chain Magasins panel of 16 passionated Experts, who each give their qualified bid on how you as a SC manager can make a difference in 2015. Below you can read Mark's bid:

Flexible and scaleable logistic capacities

We continue to see known challenges such as non-accurate forecasts, silo thinking and inadequate transparancy in cost-to-serve on client and product level, but the need for flexible and scalable logistic capacities is the biggest challenge. Now only enhanced of the paradigm shift caused by the escalated e-commerce within omnichannels with increased return flow and the uncertainty of the future consumer behaviour.

A more analytical and innovative view on own strengths and weaknesses, where the consequences are increased cooperation in the supply chain and redistribution of the supply chain tasks to obtain the crucial and cost effective, flexibility and capacity. The prerequisite is a continued investment in integrated information platforms, hereunder WMS with sold masterdata, relevant managerial tools and reliable key performance indicators.

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