Are the logistics projects up and running after the summer?

The summer vacation has ended and it is now that the logistic projects must be executed in order to harvest the optimization potential.

This is at least the case with the projects that Logio is an active part of and in this news letter we will give a brief update on selected projects, in which we are contributing with logistic advise and project management. Beside you will find impressions from Logio’s latest “study trip”.If there is any of the below project examples, an approach or a solution you wish to hear more about, you are of course always welcome to contact us

Enjoy the read!

Carlsberg has gone live with new SAP platform og new WMS

As a part of a large standardization program across many sites the SAP and WMS solutions were also standardized. This meant that systems and the integration which controls the highly automated site in Fredericia needed to be specified, adjusted and tested in an intense project. Logio contributed with technical specification, test management, project management and as an active part of Go-Live. The project was executed on time and within a few days after Go-Live Carlsberg was up and running full volume Again.

Dansk Træemballage logistic optimization

When you are the biggest saw mill and producer of wodden packing material in Denmark, growth, quality, production and logistics must concurrently be developed and optimized in order to be able to meet the market demand and at the same time run a sensible business. Logio is assisting DTE with optimization of the production and logistical facilities.

Olymp - Four million shirts in unique warehouse solution

Earlier this year Logio was on a study trip to Stuttgart to study among other things how Olymp, the largest shirt producer in Germany, has taken a gigantic leap from "pen and pencil" to highly automated warehousing, combining known technology in a new way, which is tripling the warehouse effectiveness.

Brian Pedersen – new consultant in Logio

Brian is started as logistics consultant in Logio Consulting A/S. He has a background as Cand.Merc og production engineer. He has pratical experience as a production engineer from Coop and Four Design. Brian will as a consultant contribute to growth in Logios 3 core competence areas - SCM, warehousing and distribution.

Logio is busy across many different industries

Logio is currently involved in a lot of exciting SCM projects in different industries hereunder garment, retail, medicinal, brewing with more. Therefore Logio is also looking for new logistics consultants for exciting projects.